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Did you hear the one about?

Just to lift things a bit ….

In case you’d think I’ve gone “in on myself”!! Watched Peter Kay the other night – documentary about his most recent “Tour” – the tour that didn’t go on tour, tour!! Realised again, as if reminding were necessary, that it’s good to laugh!

It’s time for a few clips ….  Hope you enjoy!  Even if you don’t, I did so that can’t be bad 🙂



Next Sunday, Paul Kivlehan will be ordained a priest of Achonry Diocese.  It will be the first such ordination in the diocese in ten years and is a source of joy and blessing for us all.  We wish Paul every happiness and blessing at this time and for his future ministry.

In days when ordinations were more plentiful, there was great rejoicing in parishes when one of their own became a priest.  At one stage, ordinations took place in the seminary and the newly ordained came home the next day to celebrate his First Mass.  There’s a lovely poem by John D Sheridan that captures such a homecoming and, in honour of Paul and his classmates to be ordained this summer, I thought it might be good to include it here.  As I say, it’s from another age but hopefully some of the sentiment remains:


They’ll be priestin’ him the morra –
Troth it’s a quare world too!
For I min’ the rascal that he was,
And the things he used to do.
Many’s a time I chased him
When the strawberries were ripe
Though I own I never caught him –
He was faster nor a snipe.
He hit me wi’ a snowball once,
And that same very hand
Will be blessin’ me the morra –
Troth it’s hard to understand.
Long Richard from Kircrubbin,
Who a sort of far-out frien’,
Is struttin’ round this fortnight back,
Just like a hatchin’ hen.
McAllister from Cargey,
Who’s no more to him nor me,
You’d think to hear the chat of him
He reared him on his knee.
Tom the Tailor’s nearly bet
From hurryin’ on new suits,
And there’s powerful heavy buyin’
On caps and yella boots.
The square is thick with buntin’ –
Man dear there’ll be a sight
When the late bus from Downpatrrick
Gets in the morra night.
Oul’ Canon Dan, God bless him,
Will be fussin’ fit to burst,
And the women batin’ other
To get the blessin’ first.
But, Canon or no Canon
And I’d say this till his face,
For all his bit o’ purple
He’ll take the second place.
Sure even if the Bishop came
Wi’ yon big mitre on
He wouldn’t get the welcome
That we’ll give to Father John. 
The pains are at me constant now
I seldom cross the door –
But I’m crossin’ it the morra
If I never cross it more.
You can quit your scoldin’ , Julia
An’ sayin’ I’m not wise –
Sure the sight of him will ease me heart
An’ gladden me oul’ eyes
It won’t be easy bendin’,
An’ the oul’ knees will hurt
But I’ll get down there fornenst him
In all the mud and dirt. 
And if I get the chance at all
I’ll whisper in his ear
(Och I’ll do it nice and quiet
so that no one else will hear)  :
“If anything should happen me
before you go away,
it’s no one but yourself I want
to shrive me on the clay.
Th’ oul’ Canon mightn’t like it
For he’s still hale and strong,
And I’m sure if he anointed me
He wouldn’t do it wrong.
But I’d feel more contented
If the hand to bless me when I go
Was the hand that threw the snowball
Twenty years ago.”

(From “Joe’s No Saint” by John D. Sheridan)

Carrots offered – trust may follow


Meet my neighbour! She’s arrived again, about two weeks now and shares her space and days with another horse under the watchful gaze and occasional, intentionally menacing, bark from a territorial and jealous Alpha:)

I like horses though I know little about them. I’ve tried to get to know this one and her companion the only way I know – carrots! Moderate progress to date, the carrots have been taken. I think we’re still working on Trust. Maybe they associate me with Alpha’s less than GATHERING ways! On the other hand, they’re probably right – it’s one thing to offer a carrot but another to show true loyalty. We’ll see how it goes.

I know enough about horses to recognise and look forward to the not too distant day when there will be a smaller horse in the field beside my house. I know!! A FOAL:)