Insofar as you helped ….

An amazing few minutes of video – far outweighing the team performance on the World Cup Stage (in my opinion) but due, nonetheless to the passion that it so universally unfurls.  There are great people in this world.


2 thoughts on “Insofar as you helped ….”

  1. A lovely video. I’m involved to some degree with the Deaf in Bacolod City, here in the Philippine, and from time to time celebrate Mass in Sign Language, though my knowledge of that is rather limited. You may be interested in Fr Cyril Axelrod CSsR, a South African who is the only deafblind priest in history: The video there shows Father Cyril being interviewed on Korean TV,with one signing Korean priest interpreting questions and another Korean priest interpreting further into Sign Language for the blind, and, presumably into a form of English – and also doing the reverse..

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