Aunt Met

                                                                             Corky, Mary Margaret and myself!


Spending a few hours in Virginia! Met my aunt earlier in the home of our friends Corky and Jeanie. Good to catch up, if only for a short while.

                                                      Jeannie and Mary Margaret share some iPad tips!


Earlier today,  June 10th, we celebrated Eucharist together at the kitchen table.  I always think it an appropriate setting for Eucharist as the table is the home’s Altar, on which is offered the fruits of life’s work and sacrifice. From it too, comes nourishment for the day – the journey.  Around it – stories told, thoughts shared, decisions made and,  so much more.

                                                                                    After Mass – shared time

And one more thing …..  I was warned that I should wear my “hat” – by that, I think they meant baseball cap and, though I have one, I’m not a major fan but, for the record, I have a a cap and I wore it!



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