West Point

Recently had the pleasure of celebrating a Wedding Mass in West Point, NY.  This is the Cadet School for the US Army and the groom, James Malinda, graduated from there in recent weeks.  His bride, Dominique Robbins, is a cousin of my cousins – if that makes sense! In recent years, I celebrated the marriages of two of her first cousins in Rockvile Centre.  I met Dominque and her parents at both weddings and they kindly asked me to officiate at Dominuque’s Wedding.  I was happy to do so.

It was good to catch up with my cousins again, to meet some old friends and, hopefully, make a few new ones.  The setting at West Point was very special and the Church, beautiful.  I’m told it’s the only Catholic Parish attached to a Military Base anywhere in the world. The Catholic Community at West Point has its own parish and clergy. The town of West Point is a separate parish and is actually in another diocese.

There was a great dignity to the celebration and it was a refreshing experience.  One I am very glad to have been part of.

God bless this newly married couples and, for that matter, all married people.

And a short moment from their First Dance.  The song “Jersey Girl” sung by Bruce Springsteen is obviously chosen since Dominique’s childhood years were spent in Jersey.


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