Just to check in ….

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything.  Not sure why that is! Maybe my laziness is reaching into cyberspace too …..

I had a good few weeks and was sort of busy, thank God.  I was involved in two Diocesan Priests’ Retreats (Tuam and Armagh) and was very happy to meet decent and good men in both settings.  It’s a bit daunting to speak to other priests about the life we are trying to live but, thankfully, both groups made me very welcome and allowed me great freedom to be me!  For that, I was and am grateful.

We had First Holy Communion in the Parish as well and that was a lovely occasion.  Eleven of our youngest parishioners were involved and they all did so well.  I was proud of them all and thankful to their teacher, parents, families and all who supported them along the road to their special day.

My Ordination Class had its annual gathering too and I was happy to meet a number of my classmates there.  One of them seems to be a regular reader of this blog!!  He even knew about “BOBBY’S” rambles to me.

There have been two funerals in the parish in the last few weeks.  Both good people, God rest them, and bless those left to mourn.  Funerals are so important and it’s very reassuring to see how people rally around one another over those important days.

I was in Donegal yesterday and managed to catch up with a priest I’d not seen in many years – Fr Colm O’Gallchoir, the parish priest of Killybegs.  I met Colm first in 1986 when I spent part of the summer as a deacon in St Gabriel’s Church, Holloway Road, London.  He was a good man then and times have not changed him.  He showed me around the Parish Church in Killybegs and it’s a credit to all involved.  Took home a few ideas with me so we’ll see how they go …..

I’ve a wedding at the weekend in Dublin and look forward to that and to meeting the couple again.  Hoping to call to a house, while there, to visit a family whose daughter I baptized a few years ago and who, on Saturday, celebrates her First Holy Communion.  It’s good of the family to remember me and I hope to get to see them at some stage on the day.

Hoping to go to Lough Derg on Monday for a Day Pilgrimage from the parish.  At the moment there’s about nineteen travelling but we might pick up one or two between now and then.  I hope it goes well.

Anyway, that’s the story today … must make a better effort to keep blog updated.


4 thoughts on “Just to check in ….”

  1. Fr Vincent – We were beginning to worry about you. Glad you are back. Could you please let us know what you take to give you so much energy and enthusiasm for life. I need some of it !!
    God Bless you for all your thoughtfulness.

    1. I thought nobody noticed!! Thanks for email yesterday. Had heard that story before (used it too!) and it’s a good one. Good to be reminded. Hope all going well. Regarding my energy etc, I’m not so sure I’m overloaded on that front!!

  2. I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed! Hoping to see you in person this July in Ireland. Here, hoping you are not in Long Island!

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