Home to someone away from or looking for home!!

The past few days I was meeting with priests from the Archdiocese of Tuam for their annual Diocesan Retreat.  Have to say, I enjoyed the days very much – not least meeting some very good and decent men who have given countless years of service to the Church.  There was good humour there, prayer and a common purpose.  All in all, a memorable and enjoyable few days.

I arrived home after lunchtime and, looking across the wall to greet “Alpha” was greeted by another face in the field.  (I had some fore-warning of this, insofar as I was told there was a small dog in the field but I thought he might be gone by the time I got home – alas!!).

So my family has, for the time being at least, increased.  I will make enquiries and see what can be done.  Have to confess, I’ve a great fondness for Jack Russell terriers but amn’t sure I can cope with a new family member!!  He seems very friendly and, chances are, someone is looking for him so, should that be the case, I hope their search takes them in my direction.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

For now, he’s here with Alpha and myself and seems (possibly too much so!!) at home!!


Dog re-united with his owner!  Just bade farewell to “BOBBY” and, have to say, a bit sorry to see him go!  I’m sure he’s happy to be with his own though.


I’ve a sneaking suspicion I might see him in the field again.  He’ll be welcome and will be assured of safe passage home after he rambles a while!!


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