VIRAL? Not quite ……

I received a number of texts, calls and (yes) sarcastic comments during the week!!  These were in response to Fr Ray Kelly’s fine singing voice at an Oldcastle Wedding.  Powerful stuff!  As I write nearly fifteen million views of the original YouTube Video have been clocked up – not to mention other views from other sources.

You see I’ve often sang at weddings but sadly nobody posted!  You just wonder what might have happened??? So, if you’ve a good clip of me singing at your wedding, give it a go!!

That’s what led to the comments.  Unlike Fr Ray, my voice is raw and my range limited.  Like him however, I enjoy the “song” in all of us and have been glad to use some through the years – often as part of the few words I try to share.  I think there’s something very powerful in a song and that it has the potential to bring people back to a moment when they hear it, maybe whilst driving in the car, working in the house or doing the bit of shopping.  I like to think the song, admittedly better and more professionally sung, might take them back to that Sacred Moment when we stood near each other, in the shadow – the glow – of The Altar.

As for me, I’ll sing the few notes I have – once told that I have “all the right notes but not in the right order”!!

A little example!!  Fr Ray has nothing to fear:)


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