Mother’s Day 2014

“Mum, we’ll get you flowers, arrange a meal for two
we’ll come round for a visit like we used to do
don’t say it’s too much trouble or a lot out of our way
for everyone is doing it, since today is Mother’s Day.”

“But I don’t need your cards or flowers or a meal for two
you’re welcome for a visit, today and all year through
to me, you are my child, a gift from God above
the truth that always matters, is our lasting love.”

“Oh, mum, don’t talk like that, read this lovely card
to find it in the card shop was nothing less than hard
shelves were tipping over, but this one seemed so true
and says all the lovely things, I need to say to you …..”

“Oh the card is lovely, the verse is lovely too
though, in truth the words I’d prefer to hear from you,
it’s not that I’m not grateful, I know you picked it well
but a kindly word from you, it’s joy I cannot tell.”

“The words are here today, as throughout the years
I’d speak them freely mother, but am afraid of tears
for I know you’ve given all, that my life may be
and I’m ever thankful, that you’re a mum to me!!”

“Ah now my child you’re talking, even through your tears
you’re always on my mind, always in my cares
so thanks for cards and flowers and all you give to me
I’ll enjoy the meal for two but sit down and we’ll have tea!!”
(VS 29/3/14)

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