Look before you leap … or drive!

Last night I was going to a funeral in Killaraght.  That should not be a problem since it’s part of my own home parish.  It turned out to be a bit of a problem though for two reasons ….

I was in Ballaghaderreen and decided to go through Frenchpark and head on to Killaraght Church that way.  It was a cold and damp night and I hadn’t travelled that road before other than knowing the sign on the left of the Boyle road that says “Killaraght Church”.  I followed the sign.

Last minute as ever I came to a fork in the road and took the road to the left.  I drove for quite a distance down a narrowish enough road and wondered all the while if I’d made the right decision.  The closed gate in front of me – a gate into an open field,  let me know the answer, I hadn’t!  Panic ensued!  I wondered if I’d be able to turn and knew that it was too long to reverse.  I got out of the car, tested the ground and it was soft enough.  Panic took a firm grip …. a short prayer, remembering that my car is front wheel drive I was anxious to keep those two wheels at least on firm ground.  A few twists and turns later, thanks be to God, I was on the road again. 

culdesac1Time was ticking and I doubted if I’d make the church in time but kept going.  It was then I noticed the sign that I’d missed on the way in ….

There’s no doubt about it, we should make time to notice “the signs”!!

I arrived at Killaraght Church on the stroke of 8pm.  Relieved that I made it on time but my sense of stupidity remained – I was exactly twenty-four hours early!!


4 thoughts on “Look before you leap … or drive!”

  1. V. Kitty hasn’t stopped laughing, we’ve been down that same road, and recognise “That Gate” !!………….God Bless .K&R

  2. Check your map!!1, You were still in Monasteraden or that part of it on the far end of the upper lake, long abandoned by us on the bigger island.

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