Baptisms, Fonts and Re-charging the battery

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of The Lord’s Baptism.  The day before I baptized a young boy in Kilmovee and shared a few words around that at yesterday’s Mass.  The sharing continues!!

I mentioned at the baptism when I was anointing Liam David with Chrism that it could be used three times in his life – at the moment of baptism, on his Confirmation Day and possibly the day he’ll be ordained!! These three sacraments, once celebrated, remain with us always and can only be celebrated once.  We are told they leave an indelible mark on the Soul.  In other words, they become part of us.

The Lord’s baptism, as he pointed out to his cousin John, was for those gathered around as much as for himself.  He made “holy” the waters in which he was baptized.  Likewise, our baptism is for those around us too – that the world be a better place, a holier place, a safer place …

I mentioned yesterday that I have a smartphone (Pope Francis not too big on them!! ….) and that I enjoy technology.  So I do. The smartphone is an amazing piece of technology that can literally take us to the ends of the world in a “google” search, a tweet, an email or shock of shocks, a phonecall!  It’s ability is amazing and its potential almost immeasurable.  There is however one catch ….

The phone needs to be charged and re-charged.  It’s one of the complaints sometimes levelled against these phones, that they have to be charged almost every night.  This begs the question, “why?” and surely the answer lies somewhere in the fact that they are used so much.  It’s understandable and unavoidable that they run flat.  That’s the role of the charger supplied with the phone.  Connect and re-charge.

Even the phone that lies unused will eventually run flat.  So the charger is essential.

I’m hoping to make a link here …. the “Font” is our connection point and we need to plug our Faith into it to allow for re-charging.  It’s only then we are and can be fully alive in faith …


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