Golden Jubilee Celebration

On Friday September 27th, the parish of Keash/Culfadda celebrated with its recently retired Parish Priest, Fr Jim Finan, the occasion of his Golden Jubilee of Ordination.  The Church of St Kevin, Keash was filled to overflowing for the celebration.  Bishop Brendan Kelly was the Principal Celebrant at a con celebrated Mass. Fr Jim was joined on the Altar by a number of priests from the diocese and by his brother, Fr Joe.  The local Church of Ireland Rector was also in attendance.  It was a wonderful celebration of Jim’s priesthood and the affection in which he is held was clearly visible.  Jim recently retired as Parish Priest having spent twenty-three years in the parish.

Fr Jim was one of my teachers when I was in St Nathy’s.  He was always, and remains, a very likeable man.  I was glad to see him so honoured this evening.  He recently moved to Collooney Parish and I know, from my own time there, that he will be made feel welcome and at home.  Ad Multos Annos.


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