Kiltimagh or Killester? Ballagh or Ballyfemot?

18911PM0109Where will you be this week Sam??

On Sunday the cameras will focus on you several times  before and during the All-Ireland Final.  We’ll see you shined and polished, ready for the road and draped in the colours of Dublin and Mayo.  You’ll just sit there, the prize waiting to be claimed – the destination point of a country – but focus will shift from you to the teams and officials on the pitch.  There will be commentary and analysis, statistics and facts and at game’s end, you will be handed to either the captain of Dublin or Mayo – he (Andy!!!) will hold you high to a cheering crowd and give thanks for your presence, thanks to all who have supported the team through “thick and thin”, good days and bad and, in a special way, to the generations who have kept the faith and held strongly to the belief that this day would come.  Come it has.  The hour is here.

You’ll not force yourself on anyone Sam but remain there, centre stage, for the hands that have been proved worthy of lifting you on high.  You are happy in the colours of any county and willing to go where invited so that a people may feel upbeat and renewed.  You’ll stay as long as you’re welcome, go wherever you’re brought and be there for anyone that approaches you.  You will be a prized possession, a certain friend and a reminder that all is possible.

In ways Sam, you could remind us of Jesus.  He is our goal, our prize and our intended focus.  Sometimes we allow our focus drift from him to the game on the pitch but even if we do, we know that it’s only when he’s taken in hand, lifted on high and invited to join us on our journey that he’s fully alive in our hearts and forever treasured.


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