May prayers rise


Knock Novena …. prayer and praise.

Fr Frank Fahey spoke on the topic of “The Presence of God”.  During the course of his homily he spoke of  “The music of the now” and recognising in it God’s presence.  He said we can spend too much of our time regretting the past, worrying about the future and trying to escape the present.  In this we run the risk of losing sight of God.

He spoke about the “thin time” – a Celtic time – that referred to the veil between the earthly and the sacred being so thin that there’s a crossing from the Sacred to our time.  The Apparition at Knock was such a time and we need have no fear of the “thin time” but rather embrace it as God’s revealing Himself to us.

I’ve always liked Frank Fahey – from my days of working in Knock when I was a seminarian.  He’s a good man and I was glad to be there this evening to hear him speak, to watch him pray and feel called to share in that prayer.  A “thin” time.

Mighty crowd there tonight.  There’s life and energy in our Church. There really is an abundance of Faith out there, good people out there that needs to be recognised, encouraged and acknowledged.



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