As has been our custom since leaving Maynooth, some members of our class gathered this week for Mass, an evening meal and a bit of a chat. This year we met twice in the same week – on Sunday at the ordination of our classmate, Eamon Martin and later in Athlone. We gathered for Mass in Kiltoom Parish Church – a truly beautiful church, close to Athlone. Eamon was the Principal Celebrant at the Mass. Afterwards a photographer took our photo and I asked Fr John Cullen to take a photo with my phone. He did and I’ll include it here.

Together again!  Following Mass in Kiltoom Parish Church
Together again! Following Mass in Kiltoom Parish Church

It’s always good to meet my classmates and though all don’t turn up, the group is solid enough thank God.  There were a few missing that might normally come along but it’s not always easy to get a time that works for everyone.

We had a lovely meal later in the evening and it was good to catch up with one another, re-live some old memories and come away refreshed.  This is the year of Gathering and, as one of a class that has managed to gather every year since leaving Maynooth, I believe in the value of meeting and keeping in touch.  Truth told, we could possibly do better at keeping in touch during the year but if need be the reality is we’re there for one another and that has to be good.

It was interesting this year to speak with Eamon and to see him so content in his new ministry.  He was clearly moved by Sunday’s Ordination ceremony and compared it very much to his Ordination to Priesthood in 1987.


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