A moment from a recent concert

On March 15th, my good friend James McDonagh with members of his family and circle of musical friends played a concert in Kilmovee.  It was in preparation for the Gathering that is to be celebrated in the parish over the weekend of August 4th, coinciding with the Urlaur Pattern.  Events will take place in Kilmovee, Kilkelly, Glann and Urlaur.  More details on www.urlaurpattern.com

Here I include two video clips of James and his family and friends in concert.   One is of them singing “”Will you go lassie go?”  I will add another clip or two at a later stage.  Enjoy!  Everybody there that night enjoyed it very much.

As one of the friends though not the official performing ones I got the call to sing!  I sang Kilkelly Ireland as it’s one of my favourite songs and a central theme of the Gathering weekend.  No video but my moment was recorded. (Click on Audio File “Play” below) Thanks to Antoinette Byrne for providing the music and keeping me in tune!!

Kilkelly Ireland
Kilkelly Ireland

And a few more from James and Friends ….

And then …..

When we were about to call it a night, I turned around to see James on the floor.  I had told him that there was a microphone socket in the middle of the stage that the Bingo Committee uses on Sunday nights.  He decided to have a go!!


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