Domine Quo Vadis (Lord where are you going?)

Quo vadis Domine?
Domine quo vadis?

I mentioned this Church today in the few words I used at Mass.  I visited here many years ago with Albert McDonnell and it remains with me as one of my favourite churches in Rome, not least because its size is more manageable and in keeping with the churches we know.  Rome is full of huge churches, steeped in history and faith but sometimes they can be overpowering.  This little church, give or take, could be found in any parish in Ireland but has a wonderful story.  It’s said that St Peter met Jesus on the spot where this church is built.  Peter was, at the time, fleeing Rome for fear of persecution.  He asked Jesus “where are you going Lord?” and Jesus said that he was going into Rome to be crucified again.  Peter turned on the spot and returned to Rome and to martyrdom.  My memory was a little flawed since I thought the footprint tracks left in the church were those of Peter.  I now realise they are the footprints of Jesus.  The point is the same, nonetheless, there are moments in life when Faith calls us to turn back for the greater good.


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