Dawn Mass

We gathered again at Urlaur Abbey for Dawn Mass this Easter Sunday.  It was cold but a fine crowd assembled and we began Mass in darkness around 6.15am.  As God’s Word was proclaimed by Louise Egan the day began to break and by the time we reached the Gospel passage, retelling the journey of the women to the tomb in the early hours of the First Easter Sunday, light had totally broken through.  I saw one or two people there with cameras so I might get some better photos in time.  I just snapped a few but the quality of the darker ones isn’t great.  That said, maybe they capture the greyness and graininess of the early morning before the light shone through.  Anne Moriarty led us in song for most of the Mass.  I was glad to see her there.  Anne’s dad is from the parish and, though she lives in Kiltimagh, she was happy and anxious to be there for this morning’s Mass. After Communion, Sarah Kelly sang a hymn for us.  I was especially happy to see Sarah there and very proud of her.  Later today, Easter Sunday 2013, she will enter the Redemptrestine Order “The Red Nuns”, in Dublin.  It is an enclosed order and Sarah is answering what she believes in her heart to be God’s call to serve him in this way.  She sang beautifully and powerfully.  I know she has the good wishes and prayers of many, included among them now, all gathered on Uralur’s lakeshore.  May God direct her every step.

Thanks to all and blessings on all who joined us and on you reading these lines today.


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