Lent 2013 continued thoughts

  • No day missed yet!!  March 2nd ….
  • On the eve of resignation – a thought around Pope Benedict and his successor .. (Feb 27th)
  • Check out the latest few thoughts for the day(s) Lent 2013
  • Daisies, promises and being a good example …..  (February 23rd)
  • Meeting place! (February 22nd)
  • The need for “personal relationship” with Jesus (February 21st)
  • The individual in the crowd – a call to believe in it being personal (February 20th)
  • Lord, teach us to pray …. A thought on prayer (Feb 19th)
  • A thought on choices …. (Feb 18th)
  • Something about Eucharistic Adoration
  • A thought on Lighthouses for Saturday February 16th ….
  • Check out the daily reflections on LENT 2013 (see tab above) or go to today’s post on “Places of Worship” and the world being a better place because of them ….

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