Miracles take many forms …

There’s a story told of two men who met for lunch one day.  One of them was a man of deep and committed faith.  He was happy to profess this Faith, live and be guided by it.  His friend did not share the faith, in fact he did not     believe at all.  He liked, nonetheless, to discuss religious matters with his friend and, one such discussion took place over lunch.

“Did Jesus turn the water into wine?” the friend asked.  “Yes”, replied the other.  “You believe this for sure?”  “Absolutely”.    After a while the friend pointed to the jug of water on the middle of the table.  “You’re telling me, that Jesus turned water like that into wine at Cana?  You can’t really believe that.  It’s not possible.”  The other said it was not humanly  possible but that Jesus, as Son of God was a miracle worker and that he did change water into wine at a wedding reception in Cana.  He did this because his mother had pointed out to him that the couple had not realised the need there would be for wine and that what they had provided was about to run out.  She did not wish to see them embarrassed and just simply said to Jesus, her son, “They have no wine”.  It was from that moment, that whisper the miracle came.

“Well if you really believe that.  If you REALLY believe in him, ask him to do the same now.  Here’s the jug, ask Jesus – your Jesus – to turn the water into wine.”  “No”, replied the other.  “For years I battled with alcoholism and people I loved suffered greatly as a consequence.  Many years ago I asked Jesus for a     miracle and he delivered.  I will never ask him to do what you’ve just asked.  You see my miracle worked the other way and changed my life”.  “What do you mean?”

“I asked him to turn the WINE INTO WATER”.


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