Arrived yesterday

An old friend – well sort of a friend – arrived yesterday.  I had no idea he was coming to visit and went to bed on Sunday night, not even giving a thought to him, never mind the possibility that he was en route to my door.  As I stood on the square in Ballaghaderreen to welcome home the County Champions, he could not have been further from my mind.  Now, I’m wondering, was he somewhere in the crowd …..

Cousins met ….

Can’t be sure when he arrived.  In fact, I’m not even sure it’s a he, don’t know why I assume it’s male – just seems as if it might be!  Anyway, not sure when he arrived – all I know is that he was there when I awoke yesterday morning.  You see, I had planned on going to Dublin to visit my cousin Mary, her husband Gord and their almost six month old daughter, Lauren.  They’re home from Canada and I had said I’d try to meet them when they were home.  I also offered to bring a student friend back to college since I was heading to Dublin.  That was the plan for Monday and it happened, more or less, like that apart from the arrival of the unexpected and, yes, uninvited visitor.  I’ll not call him a guest and would be as happy, truth told, were he not a visitor.

It’s not the first time he arrived like that.  Set up house and seemed ready to settle in for a few days.  I like to think I’m a welcoming sort but there are times when it’s just too much.  As I said, I don’t know what time he arrived but I know for sure he was there yesterday morning before 7am!

Yes, he came to Dublin with me – thankfully didn’t make his presence overly felt when I met my cousins and had lunch with them. As for the journey home?  He became more overpowering and my resentment intensified.  I literally became tired and had to pull the car in on the side of the road at Tarmonbarry football pitch to try to clear my head and get a bit of rest.  He just would not give up ….  Half an hour there seemed to help and I headed home.  I’d have given anything to open the door and let him out but I’d not willingly inflict him on anyone else.

Back in Kilmovee he took control.  I went to a meeting but couldn’t wait for it to be over since he was talking out of place and drowning my own voice to the point where I hardly recognised the words coming from my mouth.  He pounded at my chest and seemed determined to stay with me on his terms.

Sleep?  Not really he made his presence felt many times through the night and was there again, bright eyed and confident as I met this morning.  I went down to the church for Mass.  There were a few there and we prayed together but I couldn’t find a voice to sing (I’m sure some were glad of that 🙂 )

I told them at the end of Mass that he’d arrived and I wasn’t sure how long he’d stay.  I didn’t want to annoy him by saying “hopefully hours rather than days” ….

Yes, Sherlock has a cold!!!


3 thoughts on “Arrived yesterday”

  1. Was very intrigued. Couldn’t wait to get to the last line. Was thinking along the lines of a rodent family or such!!!!!!! Hope he is on his way out and you are feeling better soon.

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