Destination …….

Awaiting the lifting hands …

It’s All-Ireland Sunday and we’re nearly at throw-in.  Best wishes to all involved but, even as a Sligo man, my hopes lie with Mayo.  I really would love to see them take the prize and have their moment.  It’s certainly a lifetime for many since SAM came to stay in Mayo or indeed most of its neighbouring counties.  Admittedly John O’Mahony gave it B&B a few times in Ballagh 🙂

The gospel this weekend speaks about an argument on the road between the disciples about which of them “was the greatest” and Jesus took a small child, stood the child before them and said “it’s to one like this the Kingdom belongs” – he was telling them they had to have the openness of a child’s mind to fully get the depths of the Gospel message.  An active imagination was central.  He was telling them to become childlike not childish.  In other words, see your dreams and go after them.

Strikes me this could well be the mindset of our teams today as well.  If anyone strives for personal greatness, there’s a fierce risk of lateral damage.  Yes, there will be an award for the “man of the match” but he mightn’t even be aware of how well he’s doing since he’s rooted in “team play” and setting up, passing, making possible and maybe even putting an odd ball over the bar or, better again, in the net.  This happens, says one who never really played a game of football with anything resembling talent or knowledge, when the team is put first.  It’s not about being the greatest.

I think that’s what Jesus is saying to his “team” this week.  Don’t focus on personal greatness.  Focus rather on the team – the goal and the rest will follow.

Destination Donegal is a lovely song but not the destination many have in mind (and heart) today.  As Mattie Towey used to say – about Mayo – “All the way”!!

Sligo’s day is at hand …………

ALAS!! It’s for Donegal this year.  That said, they too have waited a while so hopefully they’ll enjoy.  Well done to Mayo and sorry it wasn’t to be this year ….


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