Leonard Cohen

Leonard was back in Dublin last week.  Brings him to mind again.  I mentioned two quotes from him at Mass on Sunday last – one I’d known for ages but the second I just came across in recent days.  I was speaking to the people at Mass about Faith and the struggles we might have with it and the various levels of Faith that exists even in one congregation – some with a very strong and unshaken faith that could never imagine a day without turning to God and certainly would never miss the Sunday gathering.  For others, the faith might be a bit more fragile, not least because of illness, death or other painful situations.  Faith remains though and even when weakened it is still there for us.  In that context I quoted Leonard’s words from “ANTHEM” –

“Ring the bells that still can ring

forget your perfect offering

there is a crack, a crack in everything

that’s how the light gets in …..”

I think these words can describe our faith and the call is to “make noise” – ring the bells that we still have in us to ring, even if they are weakened.  We need not wait for PERFECTION since even an imperfect offering is a call to God for understanding, acceptance and guidance.  The crack that lets the light shine in during our darkest moments may well be seen beforehand as a flaw but, when all is said and done, it allows the light shine through.

The second quote is short and takes a bit of a twist – not fully sure where it is going or what it is saying but I liked it.  It simply says

“You go your way.  And I’ll go your way too” …..

Maybe that’s our prayer at this time, even if God’s ways do not seem clear and immediately inviting  “we’ll go your way too …..”

And a song from Leonard ….


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