Cursed and blessed …..

At around 6pm this evening I was putting some stuff into the boot of my car.  I left the boot open as I went inside for some more bits and pieces and there was an unmerciful downpour of rain.  By the time I got to the car, the bits I had put in were soaked and so also the boot itself.  The “curse”!!  I wasn’t happy with the rain.

A short while later I was on my way to Monasteraden for a wedding rehearsal.  The rain had stopped but the evening remained very overcast and then, from nowhere, the most amazing rainbow appeared in the sky.  It was perfectly formed and you’d think you could walk to either end of it.  I pulled in the car on the roadside and took this photo.  The “blessing”!! Without the rain there would be no rainbow …

Beneath the rainbow on the road from Ballaghaderreen to Monasteraden

The boot dried out, the rainbow disappeared but only one photo  – one memory – is worth keeping!!


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