Achonry Diocesan Changes 2012

Earlier today, August 9th, the following diocesan changes were announced by Bishop Brendan Kelly:

  • Very Reverend Gregory Hannan, PP Ballymote, to be CC Ballymote
  • Very Reverend Patrick Lynch, PP Tubbercurry (Retiring) to be Pastor Emeritus
  • Very Reverend Martin Jennings, PP Curry to be PP Tubbercurry.
  • Reverend Leo Henry, St Nathy’s College to be PP Curry
  • Reverend James McDonagh, CC Ballymote, to be PP Ballymote.
  • Reverend Gerard Davey, CC Foxford, to be CC Swinford.
  • Reverend Derek Gormley, CC Swinford, on Sabbatical/Study leave for one year.

The changes take effect from September 1st. I wish all involved in these changes every happiness and blessing. They are numbered among my friends and two of those involved are former teachers of mine in St Nathy’s (Fr Pat Lynch and Fr Greg Hannan) Numbered there too is James McDonagh (new PP in Ballymote) who is as good a friend as you could ever ask for.

Please say a prayer for all involved and remember priests in other dioceses who will be moving to new appointments or possibly retiring around this time.


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