Just in from a quick visit to Kilkelly where the community had gathered to mark the 50th Anniversary of St Celsus’ Church. I wasn’t at the Mass as I had a wedding Mass in Tooreen (congrats Enda and Leona!!) and am heading to their reception now. Bishop Brendan Kelly was the Principal Celebrant at the Mass and there were about twenty priests con celebrating, some of them ministered in the parish before Fr John and myself, others were from the parish working elsewhere in the diocese and there were a few that are home on holidays. I arrived just to hear Fr John’s closing remarks and they were very good. He mentioned Paddy Nyland and his family – to a round of justifiable applause – since Paddy has been sacristan in Kilkelly Church since the day it opened. What a commitment!

The community worked very hard to prepare for today and had the church completely re-painted outside, work done around the grounds etc. Well done to all involved.

I took a few photos and thought I’d share them here. Will add them to the Parish site later. Thanks to Carmel Williams who set up and took the group photo of all the priests with Bishop Kelly. She kindly took one with my camera as well!

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