Into year five ….

I noticed during the week that the blog was approaching its 4th Birthday (first post on 8th July 2008).  It’s hard to believe it’s going that long.  Really had no idea where it would go.  Thanks to all who have continued to visit through the years and those who have joined us along the way.  Overall, I’m glad this is a part of my life.  It’s been a bit of a mix and I thought for the fourth birthday I might look back at a few of the pieces and “link back” to them – might give a flavour of the years …..

  1. Barnie!
  2. Raglan Road
  3. Meeting Esther (102 years old)
  4. Taney Parish (Church of Ireland)
  5. “Does your dog bite?”
  6. A smile or three
  7. Few words
  8. Holy Week Letters
  9. A friend’s wedding
  10. A reflection on priesthood
  11. Holy Cross Cemetery (Brooklyn)
  12. My mother remembered
  13. Mammy’s Funeral Mass (Homily)
  14. New Parish – first Sunday in Kilmovee
  15. Urlaur Church 40th
  16. White Christmas
  17. Those three days – an Easter Reflection and a cataract
  18. Remembering Liam Clancy
  19. Cousin’s Wedding in Toronto
  20. A voice remembered
  21. Medjugorje thoughts
  22. Peter Horan
  23. Which way did the hour go?? A Sunday dilemma!
  24. Michaela McAreevy, R.I.P.
  25. Problems or shadows
  26. My father’s journey over
  27. Daddy’s Funeral Mass Homily
  28. Jimmy Sherlock R.I.P.
  29. Jimmy’s Funeral Mass Homily
  30. Alpha
  31. A painting misunderstood (the Servant Girl at Emmaus)
  32. Longest Day and Mayo Concert Orchestra
  33. I am I said (Neil Diamond)
  34. The Kingdom of God is like …
  35. May in August
  36. Urlaur Pattern 2011 (Homily)
  37. I was late for Mass this morning ….
  38. I heard you were a hard man ….
  39. Goodbye snow
  40. Maeve McGivern on John Murray Show
  41.  … and remembered to say ….
  42. A serious condition – “Manflu”
  43. Old Ideas – Leonard Cohen
  44. It could happen anywhere
  45. Felicity MacDermot “The Madam” – Funeral Mass Homily
  46. Titanic Remembered – The Ballad of John Williams
  47. St Peter’s Square
  48. On Grafton Street
  49. Maynooth Union 2012 (After dinner speech)
  50. Silver Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiving (Kilmovee)
  51. The Touch of The Master’s Hand
  52. Cloonloo Re-visited
  53. Taken not for granted

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