Wrong number and wrong place (apparently!!)

I noticed a text on my phone last night – I spotted it as midnight approached – it read: “Hi Shauna, getting to wish you a happy birthday by the skin of my teeth. Hope you had a great day ….” I replied to the unknown sender immediately: “You’re better try Shauna again!! Wrong number but you have fifteen minutes” I hope Shauna got her message in time and realised she was being remembered on her special day. It’s so easy the right message can travel in the wrong direction.

Later I went to spend a few minutes at the Ceili in the Community Centre. It was the closing function of the Seosamh MacGabhann Summer School in Kilmovee. There was a mighty atmosphere there. I don’t pretend to fully understand the nuances of Irish Music but I fully realise when people are enjoying themselves. The floor was alive and the musicians on stage were giving it their all. Even, having just walked into the place, I knew it was a good place to be. I like to capture a moment or two like that – some I can do in my own memory but sometimes I use the camera too. A man started to do the Brush Dance and I thought I’d capture it – maybe even put a clip on our Parish Website to let people see how much enjoyment was being “realised” in our parish. Sadly the brush broke!! The dance continued though and a “sub” brush was quickly rushed from the sideline. Then I got a nudge in the back “move out of the way, people want to see this” Initially I felt my blood boil and told the messenger to “chill out” but, in fairness he was most likely right. (Note I’m saying “most likely”!! – not fully giving in here!!) so I moved myself and recording across the floor. The dance ended – so too, the recording.  (It amazed me how quickly my mood changed.  It reminded me too of how easily a row can start over nothing so I was glad I said nothing more than offering my “chill out” advice to the man who “nudged” me.)

We can think we’re doing the right thing at times but maybe, like me last night, we’re in the wrong place doing it.

Anyway, here’s the video clip from the local cameraman in Kilmovee!!!


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