In Stone

Last Friday, when gathered in Cloonloo Hall after Mass, Fr Joe Caulfield mentioned a stone that stands beside Cloonloo Church and Grotto.  It was placed there to remember all who were involved in building the church and who shared in handing on the Faith to future generations.  I was asked at the time to write a few lines that might be included on the stone.  It was an honour to be asked.  Earlier this evening, when driving past the church, I stopped to take a look and a photo of the stone.  I thought it might be good to include it here.

Remembrance Stone at St Joseph’s Church,               Cloonloo, Co. Sligo

The inscription reads:

Taken not for granted …

On stone your memory carved
by people of today,
remembering yesterday,
reminding tomorrow of
your generosity of faith and spirit
your hands and hearts
that carried bricks and mortar
food and laughter
to make this God-given place
a place given to God.
Stone becoming corner stone.


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