Bad jugs and spilt milk!

“That’s what I’m talking about”!!

We were on retreat during the week. We had an excellent Retreat Director (though he preferred the term “Retreat Servant” – since he felt he was there to serve the needs of the group and the wishes of the Lord) Most of our priests were there, together with Bishop Kelly, and it was a grace-filled few days, giving rise to much reflection, a bit of chat, a lot of laugher and a bit of table time as well – dining together. I like that bit!!

The food was good, the conversation great, those who served the food could not have been any more pleasant. All was well – until it came to having a mug of tea or coffee. The jugs were a disaster!!! No matter how much care you took, there were pools of milk at every cup and more than a few comments passed about how bad the jugs were!! The pools were almost unavoidable and the assessment of the jugs totally accurate.

You see those little jugs in so many places. You’d wonder why? Is it that they’re cheap, easy to get or what’s the attraction? Certainly they hold the milk in one place but they don’t do their job.

Big deal!! Of course it doesn’t really matter but maybe there’s a bigger question here. Why do we keep doing things, making things, being the way we are if the job is only half done?

Maybe we do need to cry, even a little, over “spilt milk”!!


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