Unlocked doors and voices found ….

The Feast of Pentecost sees the throwing open of locked doors.  The Apostles, fearful of the consequences of speaking their faith and praying their prayers in public and unsure of the direction to take, locked themselves away in a room.  Into this room, came the power, vision and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  They were enabled to find their feet and empowered to find their voice so that the message and promise  fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus could be proclaimed in all languages and to the ends of the world.

It is possible there’s something of “locked rooms” at work in our lives and church now as well.  Certainly the message is not wholly popular or the witness welcome.  Many, perhaps, keep their faith “private”.  Yes, we    believe but people don’t need to know that.  We can slip quietly to and from church on a Sunday but nobody need know that on Tuesday or Wednesday.  My prayers and expression of faith are best left at home – locked away – in my “room”.

The Holy Spirit seeks to open those locked doors and help us find our voice again – God’s VOICE, so that the proclamation of the message continues.


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