It’s interesting to watch planes and helicopters in the sky – more so, perhaps, planes since they go more beyond our line of vision than helicopters.  Being close to Knock Airport, it’s has become a regular sight for us all now to see a plane nosing its way towards the clouds and then disappearing from our line of vision.

The captain has welcomed people on board, the cabin crew have instructed them on their personal safety, head-counted, checked and re-checked to make sure the “seat back is in the upright position” .  The journey has begun.  There’s a definite destination in mind.  The flight might be short haul – London or Birmingham or maybe a bit further afield, Barcelona or Paris.

The clouds get in our way – we may hear the sound but the plane is gone beyond our line of vision.  Faith tells us that people are on board – we may even know some of them.  If we do, it’s almost certain that later we will learn of their safe arrival.  Already we look forward to their return.  “Ascension” ………


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