The Fields of Athenry

Greetings from Esker!! I’ve been here the past few days with some priests from the diocese of Killaloe. I’d been asked to lead their annual Priests’ Retreat and that started on Sunday evening. A truly lovely bunch of men and delightful to be with. I only knew one of them from Maynooth days but felt instantly at home in their midst. I don’t take that for granted though and attribute the sense of ease I felt with their sense of ease with each other.

The days have gone well, thank God and I’ve found them helpful to myself. Certainly good to stop from time to time and think a bit about where we’re at and going.

Went for a walk on Monday with the intention of a manageable stroll to focus the thoughts and get a few ideas. I took what I thought would be a circular route – hate turning back – but misjudged it. I walked nearly 11km:). At one stage I looked into a field of cattle and just stopped short of asking them for directions!!

20120509-113504 a.m..jpg

I think they knew I was out of my depths!!!

20120509-113938 a.m..jpg

In fairness I looked, as I was, lost

20120509-114057 a.m..jpg

Not the first time a man in a Sligo jersey got lost in Galway :}


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