Dropped in ….

I had a visit during the week from my cousin Lauren and her husband Jeremy.  I celebrated their marriage with them last August in Rockville Centre.  They had a week in Ireland and I was glad to be part of the travel plans.  Hopefully they will have good memories of their few days in Ireland.  We visited the home of Lauren’s grandfather in Fauleens (Monasteraden) where my friends Pat, Niamh and their three daugthers now live in a new house beside the old Gaffney Family home.  A link with the past and a lived presence as the house takes on a new shape and life of its own.  Lauren was pleased to see this place.  I know her father will be happy we called.  We called in at home for a few minutes and met some of my people and later we went to visit Terry Gaffney, a first cousin of Lauren’s father and that too was time well spent.

It’s good to link up with people.  Later in the day, Lauren and Jeremy linked up with Alpha and he brought them on a whistle stop tour of the side roads of Kilmovee!  It certainly was, and I’ve lived experience of this, a case of the dog taking them for a walk.  I think they all enjoyed it 🙂 That night I took them for a traditional Irish meal to the Chinese in Charlestown!!!

Lauren and Jeremy at Urlaur Abbey
Visiting the home of Lauren’s Grandfather, Eugene Gaffney, R.I.P., at Fauleens, Monasteraden.
“Okay, say “Cheese” so that we can get on with it …..”
“I’m just going to sit for a minute – I’ve a long road ahead of me”!!

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