Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to you all.  I’ve one more “thought” to go on Lent 2012 and might get to that later.  Apart from about three days, managed to keep it going for the Lent!  Thanks for your feedback and comments.

We had Mass this morning at Urlaur Abbey.  It was a lovely morning – no sunshine admittedly – and people gathered in great numbers.  Some told me there may have been upwards of 400 people there.  I really can’t say for sure but there was a mighty gathering.  Thanks be to God for that.

After Mass I saw a boat on the shore and was going to take a photo of it when I saw people walking towards it.  A family!  They told me they had come across the lake for the Mass.  I thought that was so special and would love to think those children will have that as a memory for the rest of their lives.  I went to take a photo of them but the camera was on video mode so there’s a short clip.  I put it on YouTube just to mark the day.  I’m sure the Lord would rejoice in the crowd there this morning and those who crossed the lake “to the other side”.  He had done that himself more than once.

Thanks to Fr John Maloney for all his help in getting ready for the Mass and the many locals who prepared the Abbey surrounds etc.  Anne Moriarty and a friend of her’s, Cathy, led us in song.  All in all, it was a lovely start to Easter Sunday 2012.  I want to say thanks as well to Jimmy Grennan, one of our older parishioners, who mentioned to me a few weeks ago “did you ever think of having a Dawn Mass at the Abbey?”  I told Jimmy that I had but when I heard him say it, a whole new sense of purpose followed so, in many ways, it was his idea.  Thanks for that.

A few people took photos so I’ll add some when they come to hand.  For now, here’s one or two I took.

Some of the crowd gathering for Dawn Mass at Urlaur Abbey. 6am Easter Sunday.
Getting into the boat, he crossed to the other side .....

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