John McDonnell, R.I.P.

John McDonnell, R.I.P.
John McDonnell, R.I.P.

I heard earlier today that John McDonnell died.  He was my father’s first cousin and a native of Fauleens, Monasteraden.  Daddy and John were in Coolavin school together.  John, his wife Teresa and some of his family attended my ordination.  A few years later I went to visit John and Teresa in White Plains, New York and felt very welcome in their home.  I have fond memories of my times with them and their family.  I have met him nearly every year and always felt that sense of welcome.  “Boy, your room is always there”, he’d tell me and I know he meant it.

John had a phrase that used puzzle me “Between you and I …. ”  The first few times he said it to me I panicked thinking this was a family secret that I’d have to carry to my grave 🙂  I realised, in time, it was just a phrase – nothing to it but it meant he wanted to talk about something.  He maintained a great interest in home and a love for home.  Sadly, in more recent years, he was unable to travel to Ireland but regular calls from his nephew Seán, letters and more kept him in touch.

I want just to mention him here – to record his death on my little piece of cyberspace.  A lot have gone in the past two years – they’re all missed.  John is now numbered among them.

May he rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “John McDonnell, R.I.P.”

    1. Patty,
      Our thoughts are with you, Theresa and all the family with the sad news that John passed away. One of the nicest and most decent men you will ever meet. Always welcoming, always telling a great story and always in our thoughts. He will be sadly missed by all that new him.
      Andrew, Louise, Emma and Jack.
      Stafford, England.

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