Friday 9th March

Mind the Gap ……

For those of you who have travelled on London Underground these are familiar words.  They are usually repeated  when a train pulls into a station and are intended to draw the passengers’ attention to the fact that there may be a gap between the train and the platform and that caution is required.

Well I didn’t travel on the underground at all over the past few days – in fact I didn’t make it into London at all but those words struck home to me today when our train pulled in at Clapham Junction.  There was quite a gap between train and platform and nobody mentioned it.  In the absence of it being mentioned, I was even more aware of why it should be mentioned.  NO, I didn’t fall but as I left the train the gap was very obvious.

The “gap” has the potential to cause bother and, if not treated with due regard, can do just that.  The gap is open space, uncertainty, unsafe and ultimately unhelpful.  It can throw us, quite literally, off our path and into the way of danger.

What “gap” need we “mind” these Lenten days?


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