Tuesday 6th March

The Stations …..

I spent a few weeks in London when I was a deacon.  I was in the parish of St Gabriel on the Holloway Road.  It was a good experience and a very special time as I looked forward to ordination.

One of the priests working there told me of a prish liturgy meeting they’d had some months earlier.  They were planning for Easter and were discussing have the Stations of the Cross some evening in Lent.  One of those attending the meeting asked “How many stations are there?”  My friend said he replied jokingly “well there’s Archway …….” and went on to name a few of the local Tube Stations.  They laughed about this but then began to think about it and thought of fourteen Tube stations around London.  They based a little story around each.  I don’t remember them now but maybe something like a person being ignored at one station (Jesus condemned to death) or a woman meeting her son or daughter at another (the Fourth Station) or maybe helping someone with a wheelchair at another (Simon at the fifth).  It was a good idea and I’m sure it worked well.

It strikes me then, that the Stations of The Cross are all around us.  They’re not just images on a church wall.  Maybe during the day and the days to come we might keep an eye out for them – someone badly treated and trying to do something for him or her, helping another who might feel tired, being understanding of those who fall …..  There will be many opportunities.

“Lord, by your cross and ressurrection you have set us free.  You are the Saviour of the world”


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