Wednesday 29th February

Hello again!  I’ve been keeping some entries going on the LENT 2012 page but might also post each entry here.  I think this might be where people come to look first.  It’s my hope to do an entry for as many days as possible during Lent.

We’ve stepped into March.  Spring is certainly in the air.

A friend gave me a “cup and saucer” last weekend.  I prefer mugs but this is not a cup and saucer for tea or coffee.   It’s for plants.  The idea, seemingly, is to bring a bit of colour to my doorstep.  It’s a big cup and a big saucer.  She even bought and brought me a flower to go with it.  That’s still in its wrapper.  Seemingly all I need is soil/compost and the miracle of a transformed doorstep begins.  The word is “you can’t go wrong” …. watch this space:)

Flower buds in wrappers and empty “cups and saucers” will never produce the intended colour and fragrance of growing plants.  Though all the ingredients (apart from the compost) are to hand as long as they remain ingredients they’re less than is intended for them.

That’s sort of the thought for today.  We have all the ingredients we need to be better people.  Humour, faith, hope, love, talents, strengths and weaknesses, ideas, dreams, friends, family, church, prayer, Eucharist, reconciliation ….. they need to be brought together and into play that their full potential be realised and we become the people God’s eye can see.

Might get some compost today.  That “cup and saucer” are way too clean ……..


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