A flashback …

Was looking through some YouTube video clips I’ve posted and this one  –  an aside and a little joke ….

A man walks into a restaurant and as he goes to a table a lady sitting at another table sneezes. As she does her glass eye flies through the air.  The man makes a diving save and grabs it as it flies.  He hands it back to the woman and, as he goes to move on, she asks would he like to join her for dinner.  Being on his own, he does.  The lady orders a full dinner, wine and all that goes with it and insists on paying.  The man protests but she is adamant that she is paying.  “Are you always this nice to strangers?” he asks.  “No”, she replied with a smile “but you caught my eye”!!

Anyway, as I was saying, this video “caught my eye” ..  it’s a few views from the rooftop of St Aidan’s Church Monasteraden, taken when Michael Roddy was doing a bit of work around the church and allowed me do a bit of photographing.


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