I wish he would “walk the line”!!

Went for a walk with the dog this morning.  All went well (as well as it gets!) until we met a woman walking two dogs.  Not a whimper from them but my companion felt he had to make his presence felt.  I’m sure she spoke softly to her two dogs when we passed by “how bad-mannered was that??” Ah no, in fairness, she was gracious and maybe pitied me a little.  Anyway, the walk continued and coming near home, Alpha decided to climb up on a stone wall.  He looked well so I took a quick photo.  He looked almost like I was in control.  There’s an Oscar in it for him I’d say.  Anyway, decided to combine a few of those photos with a Johnny Cash classic …. “Walk the Line”.  Enjoy! Failing that, ignore ….


4 thoughts on “I wish he would “walk the line”!!”

  1. You know the saying “There are no dysfunctional children only dysfunstional parents” Could the same apply to dogs and owners ??????

  2. Dear Fr Vincent
    Beautiful Alpha ….. Beautiful morning …. beautiful countryside … beautiful song …..
    Two old sayings come to mind ………
    “You cannot put an old head on young shoulders”
    “Careful what you wish for – you might just get it”
    So ….. just let Alpha enjoy his independence ….. one day he WILL walk the line but he may then have lost the delight he now takes from every new day.
    All best wishes.

  3. Fr. Vincent, I love your Alpha stories! I also have a … let’s say…headstrong puppy. She has destroyed my irrigation system, my books, my prescription glasses and numerous other items. But she has such a vitality for life and is smart as heck! Just need to make it through the puppy stage…she’s one year so hopefully not too much longer.

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