The Last Post (2011)

Heading to Mass in Urlaur shortly and not sure that I’ll get to write anything before midnight so just to bring the year to a close ….

Thanks to all of you friends who have helped me through the past twelve months.  Thanks to those daily callers and frequent visitors, to those who check in on this blog to see what’s happening and sometimes leave a comment or just tell me that they keep an eye on it!  Thanks to family and all who were close to me during the year – in thought, prayer and presence.  I hope we did well by each other during the year and that I was able to give back something of what I’ve received.

Thanks to all who asked me to celebrate with them – the most important moments of their lives or the lives of those close to them – at Baptisms and Weddings in particular – and also to the many who allowed me share their grief this year – in the parish and elsewhere.  My prayer for you especially, is that the light breaks through and you find your smiles and laughter again.  Those gone would want nothing less for you.

Thanks to absent friends – Bill and Jimmy among them this year for all they did for us and indeed for me. I still have bits and pieces they made for me or helped me with.  Visible reminders of a very permanent but invisible presence.  May they and all who died since this night twelve months, rest in peace.

Thanks to Alpha!  The doberman pup that seemed so small this night twelve months when I picked him up in my brother’s kitchen and he found his way into my heart!  There have been times since Alpha …. That said, I’m glad he’s here.  Good and loyal company.  How strong he has become and opinionated.  I suppose it’s what they “see in the home” that shapes them 🙂

Thanks to all who have made me laugh this year.  I love laughter and it’s probably as good as it gets.  Thanks too for music and song – much of it via YouTube and to all who make that possible.

I wish you well for 2012 and will bring you to the Altar each side of midnight – tonight in Urlaur and tomorrow, please God, in Kilmovee.  In between I am going somewhere but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow ……………


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