Goodbye Snow!!!

How I’d love to be able to say that.  It snowed during the night and the place is covered this morning.  Not cold though.  Sadly, it’s likely to get colder during the day and then the freezing sets in and that’s pretty much it …. I really don’t want snow at Christmas this year.  I don’t think anybody does.  It looks lovely but that’s all.  So, for what it’s worth, I want to say “Goodbye snow … see you again at some stage but NOT now”!

On the other hand, my dog Alpha said “hello” to snow today.  Even allowing for the difference in dog years, I’m not sure he’d remember much of it from last year so he was a little bemused when we went out this morning to open the church.  Mad for off, I had to keep him back for a while but then decided he might like to run.  I was right!!

What happened all the black stuff?
and the green stuff?
Okay, let's go!
This stuff is cool!
Who's idea was it for me to sit in this???
Yeah, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm going home!
Take me home, country roads!!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Snow!!!”

  1. Dear Fr Vincent

    I know you don’t want the snow again this Christmas but ……..
    what a lovely sight of Kilmovee at sunup and the enjoyment of Alpha ….
    It somehow reminds me of when I was a child so many many years ago !!

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Vincent,

    We are hoping not to have another Christmas blizzard in New York this year as well! Hope you are well. Love the pictures of Alpha enjoying the snow .

    Merry Christmas!


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