Here comes that rainbow again …

I’m in Thurles today, leading a retreat in the Presentation Convent.  There are about twenty sisters attending, including one a 100 years old.  I hope I don’t undo the good of her century!  (Just strikes me I’ve not picked her out from the crowd so she must be doing well – will check on that at the next gathering).  The theme of the few days centres on Eucharist and I just talked with them about Paul’s letter to the Romans and the need to “make hospitality your special care”.  I was trying to make the point that Eucharist is found in acts of kindness – often noticed and thankfully repeated.  “Do this in memory of me”.  Anyway, I shared with them a tune, sung by Johnnie Cash but written by Kris Kristofferson called “Here comes that rainbow again”.  It captures, at least I think it does, this idea of doing the decent thing just because it’s the right thing to do and hopefully it’s picked up on and repeated ….

The chorus speaks of a heavy day – not much to look forward to – rain and thunder looming and then the colour of the rainbow breaks through – “just like a human” ….

See what you think ….


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