Eleventh of the Eleventh Eleven …..

It’s one of those dates …. there were twin brothers beside me at home and they were born on the 6th of the 6th Sixty-Six, ensuring their birthday would not be forgotten.  Likewise I know at least one mother in waiting and if her baby is born today, it’s a birthday that will be easily recalled.  “I was born on 11/11/11 …. ” you can hear it slipping into future conversations.

President of Ireland - Michael D. Higgins

Today (just in a few moments time actually) the ceremony begins to inaugurate Michael D. Higgins as the 9th President of Ireland.  Again, an anniversary that will be easily remembered.

Hopefully it will be a good Presidency for him, his family and for all the people of Ireland – at home and away.

We think of Mary McAleese as she leaves office and rejoice that she did well for and by Ireland over the past fourteen years.  There weren’t many parishes she didn’t visit during those years and some of her finest visits were those private ones to homes where tragedies struck and she came to spend time with troubled people.  We’ll let her enjoy a “Presidential Salute” again today ….

Today too, marks the end of the First World War in 1918.  We do well then to pray for peace throughout the world – a world that seems slow to learn the lessons taught by the atrocities of war.

Each day brings its own memories – some we want to hold on to and some, perhaps, we’d prefer to forget. Wherever you are today and whatever you do, I hope you have good things to remember come midnight tonight.


An aside!

I just watched the Innauguration Ceremony and Rita Connolly sang “The Deer’s Cry”.  I just recorded it from the TV recording with handheld camera so not best quality of image but as for the sound and singing –   Absolutely class!


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