All Saints …

All Saints

I left myself a bit short for time and, in a hurry to get something done for the weekly Parish Bulletin, decided to Google and find an  image that represented the great Feast Day we celebrate in the coming week.  I typed in “ALL SAINTS” and this is just one of the many images presented to me!! All images of a band! Even going down through the pages, I didn’t come across one religious image representing All Saints.

Could this be  a sign of the times?  Maybe X-FACTOR is the new creator of saints. Perhaps the “Judges” panel is the new assessor of miracles –  not settling for three but rather the millions of albums and downloads that must be sold before a band is worth its salt and spot in the limelight. Of course the band deserves its spotlight.  In truth, as the song says, “All God’s creatures have a place in the choir …”

Our All Saints though speak of countless people who lived good and faith-filled lives and are now numbered among the “Holy Ones” in God’s presence.  We need to dig deep into all that is good and honest in us to recognise their story and imitate their life choices.  They are, in absolute truth, our “role models”.

A slightly deeper “Google” dig, including the word “Day” with All Saints brought forth a different set of images.  The one above is just one of them.  What’s needed is there to be found and sometimes finding it involves just trying a bit harder and giving it a bit more time.


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