Coins and choices ….

Jesus asks whose head is on the coin and he is told it’s “Caesar’s”, leading to the response; “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”.  The point being made is that we owe certain things in certain situations and that the “State” is entitled to its dues.  So also God!

These days we have seven people crisscrossing our land, looking for votes to become Ireland’s next President.  They speak of love of Ireland, desire to serve,   create jobs, declare Ireland “open for business” etc  They have no problem expressing their love for “The Harp” and that’s commendable.

Phrases don’t flow quite as freely when it comes to God – even less so when it comes to “Catholic”.  It’s amazing how easily it becomes dangerous to be associated with something that was once taken for granted.  We seek to put distance between us lest we be contaminated by association.  It even happens with political parties.  What once was close now needs to be kept at arms’ length.

The Harp is on the coin – it deserves our respect.  God is in our hearts and is worthy of a nod too!

Give to God what belongs to God!



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