Urlaur Pattern Mass

On August 4th, as mentioned in other posts, we celebrated the Pattern at Urlaur Abbey.  Seán Browne from Castlerea recorded the day’s proceedings and recently sent me a copy of the DVD.  I looked through it last night and thought I might share here the homily from the Mass in the Abbey.  It’s the first time I’ve posted a video directly to this blog – experimenting with some software – as I have used YouTube up to this.  We’ll see how it goes.  The homily is a bit longer than I remembered so give it as much time as you’re able for.  At least you have that option!  The people there on the day couldn’t pause/forward or delete me!!

And another sermon from another day ….   This is from the DVD of my First Mass in St Joseph’s Church, Cloonloo.  I had this posted before one time but it was through one of the video sharing sites and I decided to delete it.  Recently someone in London enquired about it so thought I might re-post.  Hard to believe it’s the same man in the two clips but it is!!  The fact that I spoke, most likely, for too long on both occasions proves that point 🙂

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