I suppose I’m lucky to have a job ….

This weekend’s Gospel passage is the workers in the vineyard – being hired at different times during the day and of the distribution of wages at day’s end.  I mentioned this in an earlier post as it was the Gospel at a weekday Mass a few weeks ago.  Anyway, just doing some work on the Parish Bulletin here in Kilmovee and thought I’d share the words placed there for this weekend.


That’s a line you hear more and more these days.  Someone will tell you where they work and might add that it can be a bit boring, frustrating, a lot of travel involved but then, there’s a pause, and the words fall out “but I suppose I’m lucky to have a job”.  Occasionally it may be followed with “I’m not complaining”.  

There’s truth in it of course – in these uncertain times it’s good to have a job and we are right to be thankful.  The value of a day’s work and a weekend’s pay packet is certainly realised in these uncertain times.  Family life is sustained through the labour(s) of those who work and are able to provide the essentials.  Perhaps there’s less anxiety now about the status of a job or how it might be perceived.  It’s good to have a job. 

This weekend’s Gospel passage speaks to us of work and of wanting work.  There’s something in it about not giving up but having a belief that there is something of  value to be brought to the workplace.  If work doesn’t come in the first round of   offers, hold on and something may well turn up.  Don’t lose heart. 

There is too a call to employers to be generous and rewarding of the efforts made in the workplace.  Agree a fair wage with the worker and stick to it.  Encourage people to work by treating them well. 

It’s about justice in the workplace …….. and being thankful for a job.


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