Going My Way ….

One of the films I remember from childhood was “GOING MY WAY” with Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald.  It was the story of a new priest in a parish, dealing with a not so easy to be with but very likeable Parish Priest.  Maybe it had something to do with my wanting to be a priest but I always liked it. Just had a look today and see that “Marcia” has gone to the bother of publishing it on YouTube – in a number of parts – so if you’ve not seen it before or, like me, have and would like to see it again, I’m going to paste the YouTube link here (I think this link allows you to watch it all the way through).  It might bring back a memory or two – it might even make you want to get the DVD and I suppose that would be the best option but, second to that, our YouTube friend has done well here.  So have a look when time allows.  I suppose the advantage of the clips is we could look at it as we might a series on TV.  Enjoy!

  • Going My Way A

  • Going My Way B

  • Going My Way C

  • Going My Way D

  • Going My Way E

  • Going My Way F

  • Going My Way G

  • Going My Way H

  • Going My Way I

  • Going My Way J

  • Going My Way K

  • Going My Way L


One thought on “Going My Way ….”

  1. Going my Way is a classical english movie which refine the hearts of people. These types of movies are not made now a days. The acting of Father Fitzgibbon and Father O Melly was great. Parents must show their children Going my way !!

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