Another song … (thanks to YouTube!!)

I mentioned Imelda May a few “posts” ago and have become quite a fan – though I don’t fully get all her music.  I still hear that Dublin accent and the sincerity behind it.  That’s enough …  Anyway, I’ve listened to Kentish Town Waltz so many times and still love its introductory notes and the message of sticking with each other (life) through thick and thin.  There’s another tune on the Mayhem Album that I like as well. It’s called “I’m Alive” – the rhythm and music that introduce it, together with the trumpet’s contribution make it especially pleasing to the ear and the lyrics again speak to the heart and feeling grateful for another’s love and place in life.  I like the line that speaks of awaking part of the Soul that has slept for way too long.  Now there’s a good day’s work.

The lyrics ….

Smother me with your kisses
Bury me in your arms
Oh the love that this is
has chained me to your charms
Oh lock me up in your heart
Drown me in your eyes
‘Cos when you hold me, I’m alive
You wash me clean of all sadness
You cleanse me of all doubt
Now this new born feeling I can’t live without
You’ve drugged me I’m addicted
I’m drunk just on your smile
‘Cos when you hold me, I’m alive
I’m alive to each fingertip
To the end of each fine hair
My lips it seems, with every kiss,
Are sending thankful prayers.
You’ve woken a part of my soul
That’s slept for way too long
Now I just can’t get enough
I understand love songs
I’ll sing to you forever
I’ll love you ’til I die
‘Cos when you hold me, I’m alive

The song ….


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